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                      - a part of the industry, yet separated from:

PORTION is a collaborativecircular fashion-based magazine.

Our goal is to marry modern fashion with sustainability in terms of styling, production, consumption, careers, diversit, income and community.
We focus on collaborative editorials, projects, research and individual perspectivs.

An on-going project in hopes of sharing individual concerns with the current state of certain industries and methods of consumerism.

Our Team

Founder + Editor-in-Chief, Khira GP.

Editor + Head of Creative, Rebecca T.

Lead Graphic Designer, Puteri C.

Resident Photographer, Sabrina G.

Industry/Style Contributor, Alexis H.

Health/Beauty Contributor, Lindsey A.


*Currently only accepting research, writing and interview for our next issue*

We accept submissions for a designated time period between each issue.   
1. Submissions must be the original work and property of the person submitting.

2. We accept submissions in the form of: editorials, photography, styling, interviews, writing, research, and/or lifestyle experiences.

Any content submitted must be based on the concept of furthering our knowledge and
capabilities to create a more circular, sustainable and ethical economy.

For a full description of submission guidelines please contact us below.

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If you are interested in working/collaborating with us
or advertising opportunities
please contact us anytime via email.


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